Ross Lynch

Birth Name: 
Ross Shor Lynch
Best Known For: 

Austin Moon on Disney's "Austin & Ally"

Short bio: 

Ross Lynch was born in 1995 in Littleton, CO. He's the second youngest of five siblings and was home schooled by his parents. In 2007 the Lynch family moved to Los Angeles. In 2011, Lynch was cast to play Austin Moon in the Disney Channel series "Austin & Ally." But Lynch's talents do not end with acting. He's also a musician who can play piano, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and is currently learning to play the violin. He sings lead in his family's band R5 and has recorded several songs for "Austin & Ally."


P.O. Box 280154
Northridge, CA 91328


Laura's picture
Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

hi Ross i fan of you i know that you work so hard on Disney wish keep it work hope meet you one day

Lina 's picture
Submitted by Lina (not verified) on

Hi ross I love you

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Submitted by Mireille (not verified) on

I really Love your band and your acting and dancing skills YOUR AMAZING

zoleyla m rivera's picture
Submitted by zoleyla m rivera (not verified) on

im your biggest fan and i want your phone number please tell me i love you sooo much :) yay i love you so muchchchchch

Lyndsey vanstoken's picture
Submitted by Lyndsey vanstoken (not verified) on

I am your best fan ever and I like your music I would like to meet you

madi's picture
Submitted by madi (not verified) on

you are awsome

samya washington's picture
Submitted by samya washington (not verified) on

Ross have you ever heard of west Virginia

destiny's picture
Submitted by destiny (not verified) on

please don't tease ross he is way to hot to be teased

destiny's picture
Submitted by destiny (not verified) on

Why wouldn't ross be awesome and when is he not awsome

destiny's picture
Submitted by destiny (not verified) on

1.He is super hot

angel rocha's picture
Submitted by angel rocha (not verified) on

Hi ross i guess you like football i do to im all so your BIGGEST FAN! Give me your phone number and i like your song upside down from Austin and Ally

Laura s w's picture
Submitted by Laura s w (not verified) on

Sup Ross (if ur reading this ) I just wanna say thx I listen 2 r5 when i do homework walk home or on the bus 2 school u made me realise I can follow my dream of being a professional dancer(I've been trying 2 learn how 2 do the pin drop) I love ausin and ally and ur acting I think ur amazing at everything u do once again thx ur my idol and thx 2 u I'm starting 2 be more than that silent girl in the corner now I'm more out going (apart from my best freind) ur the most talented person ever ur an inspiration austin and ally shows make me feel like a little kid again thx so much not only u but all of r5 ur a very luck person(considering I haven't got any sibelings and I nearly NEVER spent time with my perants because of work) love ur music and band one more question (thank you if u bothered to read up 2 this point)when is the next time u have a concert in the uk

Lyndsey vanstoken's picture
Submitted by Lyndsey vanstoken (not verified) on

I am 10years old and I love your band and your action s on asitn and ally

destiny 's picture
Submitted by destiny (not verified) on

I am 10 too and I think ross is super hot not cute he was cute when he was 13 but now he is super H.O.T

Erica Megan Hughes's picture
Submitted by Erica Megan Hughes (not verified) on

I love your music and your dancing I am your number one fan

Ayo's picture
Submitted by Ayo (not verified) on

I love austin and ally

Anja Lynch's picture
Submitted by Anja Lynch (not verified) on

Hi Ross I love you, you are my life

ab's picture
Submitted by ab (not verified) on

i h8 u ross, why would girls like you- ur a bad actor - make people feel bad about their looks and appearance and I h8 u. make peoplenot fitting in- u were better as a not good looking person- ur ugly to me andthis will never change

Elizabeth's picture
Submitted by Elizabeth (not verified) on

so many of us love him so we could back him up no matter how many people say they hate him we will always be there behind him telling him to have courage and just don't listen to what all the people like you say I LOVE YOU ROSS

Terra's picture
Submitted by Terra (not verified) on

I love you more Ross! Hi I am Cynthia, I am 17, and I live in Los, Angeles. I am really pretty. I used to have a total of 4 boyfriends I had and dumped all of them. And I hope you be the fifth. And I would like to ask you out.

Emma Mora's picture
Submitted by Emma Mora (not verified) on

Hi Ross I am your #1 fan pls write me back OK hope u got my letter.

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Submitted by KAMYA (not verified) on


Alex's picture
Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

My love

Riaan 's picture
Submitted by Riaan (not verified) on

Hi your awesome

Alexandra's picture
Submitted by Alexandra (not verified) on

Hi Ross I think you are an amazing actor, singer, and an amazing musician. I would really like to meet you. May I? You are my idol.❤️

ashly 's picture
Submitted by ashly (not verified) on

OMG ross lynch you are the cutes singer,songwriter,dancer, &actor on earth I LOVE YOU ROSS LYNCH WILL YOU MARRIE ME?

Olivia Viciana 's picture
Submitted by Olivia Viciana (not verified) on

Hi ross will you go out with me I hope you got my letter

Danielle Leung's picture
Submitted by Danielle Leung (not verified) on

I really want to meet you. I love your music and everything else about you.

aniya's picture
Submitted by aniya (not verified) on

Your right he is

Laurn's picture
Submitted by Laurn (not verified) on

Your my biggest fan I love u Ross Lynch

amber hill's picture
Submitted by amber hill (not verified) on

your really cute and i hope u get this letter

alexia's picture
Submitted by alexia (not verified) on

Ok hi my name is alexia I want to know what his number is so if you know the number can I have it. I have tried 3 numbers and I can't seem to get it right. So can you tell me his number

brian bernal's picture
Submitted by brian bernal (not verified) on

Ross what your phone number

ashly 's picture
Submitted by ashly (not verified) on

OMG i think ross lynch is a hoty and i want to marry him or kiss him like i have a poster in my room and i kiss it every day cause i love you very much ROSS LYNCH IS SUCH A CUTE HOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anja's picture
Submitted by anja (not verified) on

hey ross im a big fan of your music. living in serbia. my love music of you is;
1)not a love song
2)if a can`t be with you
3)i wan`t you bad

meagan's picture
Submitted by meagan (not verified) on

hi ross lynch i am a big fan of you and i need your help my friend raven wanted you to visit hher since she was little now she is 12

austin stevens's picture
Submitted by austin stevens (not verified) on

HAY ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i`m your biggest fan i love all your music my favorite song is heart made up on you because of the ending of the music video it`s funny. can you and r5 come to allen or dallas texas so that i can see you guys in person for the first time in my life? I would appretiate that very much.

I'll love ross forever 's picture
Submitted by I'll love ross ... (not verified) on

hy ross i am a big fan for you. i sing a song your and r5ers songs. its a veru beatybul songs.i love he forever

Dixie Schember 's picture
Submitted by Dixie Schember (not verified) on

Hi R5 i am a big fan of the band and especially Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch but i like the others to but mostly Ross and Rocky Lynch.

bridget's picture
Submitted by bridget (not verified) on

hi ross I am a big fan of R5 and Austin and Ally I have been watching it since 2012 I love the song smile by you and R5 you are my favorite out of everyone and hope I meet you one day!!!!!!!!

Megan's picture
Submitted by Megan (not verified) on

your my favourite i love you Austin and ally is the best and i also like teen beach movie i cant whate until the new programs come out

love megan

lee's picture
Submitted by lee (not verified) on

one day can come to Birmingham AL and I can be in your music video

Dachan's picture
Submitted by Dachan (not verified) on

hi ross I am one of your biggest fan. I think that you are so talented, really cute, and you are my favorite male singer. so reply back and can I have your number?ttyl

Alexis Diaz's picture
Submitted by Alexis Diaz (not verified) on

Hi Ross I am your #1Fan☺️ And I think you are cute


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